I built my first circuit at age 10 and have been hooked ever since. Now, I’m an entrepreneurial professional with more than twenty years of experience in designing and building electronic circuits and systems for communications, sensors, power, and undersea applications. Prototyping Ideas has become my specialty and I can provide the following during the various phases of a project as needed:

Study Phase

  • Trade-off studies with technical and financial optimization objectives.
  • Support business model, financial goals, and fund raising activities.
  • Strategies to minimize risk or to minimize cash flow.
  • System architecture and design.
  • Interactive mathematical modeling with Mathematica.
  • Preliminary reliability analysis and design to reliability requirements.
  • Background in nanotechnology, graphene, and semiconductor devices.

Design Phase

  • Circuit design with analog, high-speed digital, fiber optics, discrete semiconductors, RF and microwave devices, experimental components, and interfaces to FPDAs, DSPs, and processors.
  • Component surveys, trade-offs, and selection to develop a Bill of Materials.
  • Schematic capture and SPICE simulation.

Physical Design Phase

  • Develop component packaging design with team members and service providers.
  • Layout prototype boards, and work with layout specialists for production PCB layout.
  • Layout prototype semiconductors masks.
  • High level assembly of prototypes into modules or systems.

Test Phase

  • Test and evaluate electrical, thermal, and functional operation.
  • Design test equipment racks for automated development testing and write test scripts.
  • Debug and test circuits with most types of test equipment.

Documentation Phase

  • Analyze, plot, and project test data with MS Excel and Mathematica.
  • Write detailed test and analysis reports.
  • Support design reviews and quality process systems.
  • Write patent backgrounds and descriptions, and support the entire patent process.

p-brane LLC is a small business incorporated in NJ, and has active registrations on sam.gov, fastlane.nfs.gov, nspires.nasaprs.com (NSPIRES), sbir.gov, and D&B with the NAICS classification: 541690 Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services. For more information, please see my LinkedIn profile or contact me at: consultant at p-brane.com

Past projects include an undersea power and communication junction box for an undersea observatory, fiber optic delay line, and an undersea transceiver design study. I worked at AT&T Bell Laboratories and Lucent Technologies designing undersea telecommunication and optical networking hardware. I co-founded Red Sky Systems which made regional undersea systems. I also study nanotechnology, which has lead to learning Mathematica for modeling device physics, device fabrication at a nanofab, and tutorial production demonstrating graphene FET layout. To learn more about me, please see the following links:

Contact me at consultant@p-brane.com