X99 HPC installation 17: OC Panel and Blu-ray drive

morreale Tuesday 15 of September, 2015
The ASUS Overclocking (OC) Panel was inserted into the OC Panel case housing and held in place with two screws. The OC Panel cable and a SATA power cable were attached to the OC Panel rear connectors. The cables were installed first because it was easier to access the cables before installing the OC Panel into the case. The OC Panel and cables were installed into the top 5.25 inch bay. The cables were routed through the right side compartment of the case behind the motherboard down to the bottom case opening near the power supply. The OC Power cable was attached to the power supply and the OC Panel cable was attached to the socket on the bottom right side of the mother board. The OC Panel case housing is half size so the case latches don’t quite latch and hold in place so two screws were used to keep it in place.

Next, the Pioneer BDR-2209 Blu-ray drive was installed. A SATA data cable was attached to the drive. The drive was installed in the second 5.25 inch bay and the cables were routed through the right side compartment behind the motherboard to SATA port 9 on the motherboard. The SATA power cable connected to the OC Panel was also used to power the Blu-ray drive. Figure 1 shows a how the various components were connected to the power supply and how the data connection were made to the ASUS Rampage V Extreme motherboard.

Figure 1 Power and Data Connection Diagram

Figure 2 shows the rear view of the Pioneer BDR-2209 Blu-ray/DVD/CD Writer mounted in a 5.25 inch case slot.

Figure 2 Pioneer BDR-2209 Blu-ray/DVD/CD Writer Rear View

Figure 3 shows the front view of the Pioneer BDR-2209 Blu-ray/DVD/CD Writer mounted in the second from the top 5.25 inch case slot. The OC Panel can also be seen in the top slot as well.

Figure 3 Pioneer BDR-2209 Blu-ray/DVD/CD Writer Front View

Figure 4 shows the OC Panel display indicating the CPU temperature (36.0 ºC), CPU fan speed (597 RPMs), memory clock speed (100.0 MHz), and the CPU multiplier (37). The photo was talked during the MemTest86+ tests with default BIOS setting (no overclocking).

Figure 4 OC Panel Display

Next three thermistor cables were installed and attached to the motherboard sensor connectors. The temperature sensor ports were connected as follows:
  • Sensor 1: Graphics card at the rear of the case
  • Sensor 2: Graphics card at the middle of the case
  • Sensor 3: WD RE at the top of the hard drive
The fans were connected as follows:
  • CPU FAN: Both Phanteks PH-TC14PE fans via Y-cable
  • CHA FAN1A: Top front case fan
  • CHA FAN2A: Bottom front case fan
  • CHA FAN3A: Rear case fan
Figure 5 shows the installation video of the OC Panel and Pioneer BDR-2209 Blu-ray/DVD/CD Writer. The video also describes the installation of the thermistors to the sensor connectors.

Figure 5 OC Panel and Pioneer BDR-2209 Blu-ray/DVD/CD Writer Installation Video


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