Open Hardware Summit 2022

morreale Thursday 11 of August, 2022

The Open Hardware Summit was held on April, 22, 2022 online with ~19 speakers from working on project around the world. Recordings of the talk can be found on YouTube and tweets about the summit can be found @ohsummit. Open Hardware Summit 2022 Schedule

2022 Summit Team

The organizers of the summit did a fantastic job and included Lee Wilkins, Claire Cassidy, Sid Drmay, Nadya Peek, and Alicia Gibb.

Open Hardware Summit 2022 Organizers

Summit Talks

My list of links and brief talk summary for each talk follows.

A Few Tools for Re-Imagining the Future

Ashley Jan Lewis

A Better Hardware Life Cycle: Build Stuff Without Feeling Like a Jerk

Alex Glow

How Frustration Led to Delft Open Hardware

Jerry De Vos

Open Source Tools for Making Open Source Hardware

Leon Anavi

Community-Led Distributed Manufacturing

Vaibhav Chhabra

Material Testing Procedure: How to Recycle All Kinds of Waste Plastic Via Pellet 3D Printing

Hellen Little

FluigiCAD – Building open source CAD tools to make microfluidics more accessible

Radhakrishna Sanka

Open Source Hardware for Science, in the Context of Public Policy

Alison Parker

Introducing an Open Systems Assembly Protocol, or, a proposal regarding how to build OSHW’s modular, networked future.

Jake Read

Question Everything: How we Shipped an Open Hardware Laptop by Breaking all the Rules

Lukas F Hartmann

How the Open Hardware Observatory (OHO) can help publish hardware

Robert Miles

Equity-Driven Design

Dr. Alexander Adams

Open Source Toys for Endangered Animals

Andy Quitmeyer

How to Enable Anyone to Build their Own Renewable Energy System

Kathrin Weihe & Michel Langhammer

Knotty (Naughty) Hardware

Anuradha Reddy

Can Pretty Antennas be Practical? Designing cuteformal antennas for WiFi/Bluetooth integration

Christin Lundgren

Panel on Open Hardware and Health Tech

with Robert Viseur, Bérengère Fally, Samuel McDermott, and Robert L. Read

Berengere Fally

Samuel McDermott

Robert Read

Panel Discussion