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The 4-brane Project

In 2005, I went to a nanotechnology conference in Alexandria VA. The short course on soft nanotechnology hooked me on the subject. At the time, I worked in telecommunications and wanted to switch fields to nanotechnology. I did a lot of searching for courses online to help with this transition and ended with getting a certificate in nanoscale material science from a well known university that has a professional development program. To my surprise, taking a graduate-level course after working for decades was more difficult than expected, but also exhilarating at the same time. Learning new concepts and being exposed to so many ideas was and is an incredible experience. My new knowledge also led to many new ideas for new products, one of which is in the process of being patented. I've taken dozens of very good, high quality open source courses since the certificate. The number of these courses keeps growing and it has become difficult to find, track, and decide which courses to take. I want some tools to help find and manage taking courses with a specific goal in mind that would help me with my product development and business development. Thus, the 4-brane Project is born of this need.

The Team

Jay P. Morreale built telecom and optical networking hardware for 16 years for AT&T Bell Labs and Lucent Technologies. In 2002, Jay cofounded Red Sky Systems, which made undersea transmission systems and was acquired by Global Marine Systems in 2006. He built proof-of-concept prototypes of an undersea observatory in 2007 for three years, and is presently working on prototyping a nano-electronics device. Jay has a BS and MS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Arizona, and earned a certificate in nanoscale materials science from the Stanford Center of Professional Development in 2008.


p-brane LLC is small business incorporated in New Jersey.

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