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What is The 4-brane Project?

The 4-brane Project provides you with the tools to perform continuous learning throughout your professional life, enabling you to achieve your short- and long-term professional goals that you can access 24/7 on your web platform of choice: smart phones, PC, tablets, notebooks. Anywhere you want to learn: riding the train to work, waiting for a plane, carpooling in the van, lunchtime, at night. Have only 15 minutes at lunch? Set up your 4-brane project for 15-minute Ted talks. Have a few hours in the airport and on the plane? 4-brane prioritizes and schedules your 3-hour courses so you can easily select the best course for the time you have! The 4-brane Project helps you locate, manage, track status of all your selected knowledge ware.  

The 4-brane Project tools are for professionals who want to acquire short- and long-term knowledge to satisfy goals for competing in technical fields, developing new skills, transitioning to new industries, completing new projects, or becoming multidisciplinary. Because building your knowledge base enhances your competitive advantage, small- and medium-sized business benefit by developing their employees’ skills to stay ahead of the competition.


Presently, the 4-brane Project’s objective is to assist professionals in finding and managing open source courses and building a coherent plan they use for long-term and short-term development. For example, a professional’s long-term goal could include development areas that answer the question, “help me find courses that are the equivalent to a BS or MS in my field?". A short-term plan might address the need to "help me find courses on programming PHP and MySQL to construct a website", or “I want to earn a certificate in a new field" for a project specific activity, for instance.

Other 4-brane Projects features include:

Staying competitive and current with technology and business today is a challenge with the exponential growth of technological advances. The 4-brane Project wants to make managing and adapting to changing technology more accessible and manageable.

The forebrain promotes or encourages plasticity and learning. A 4-brane is a four-dimensional object in String Theory. The 4-brane Project aims to promote higher multidimensional and multidisciplinary learning for busy professionals over their lifetime. Take your forebrain to the next dimension and join our mailing list. We will keep you posted on our progress.


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