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Best Books to Build a Hardware Company

morreale Saturday 01 of November, 2014
Making society has posted the Best Entrepreneur Books to Build a Hardware Company. The list looks pretty interesting. The book Hardware Startup by Renee DiResta and led me to her blog and presentation on Hardware by the Numbers: A Narrative. Her presentation describes the trends in funding hardware projects between 2011 and 2013. More VCs are funding hardware companies but it's still hard to get funding and even harder to get follow on funding. Fortunately, crowdfunding has really helped get hardware companies started and increased VC participation.

VC and angel activity H1 2014

morreale Monday 28 of July, 2014
CBinsights has posted a number of blogs on VC and Angel investors for the first half of 2014. The three blogs include:
The top five most active VC are as follows:
  1. New Enterprise Associates
  2. KPC&B
  3. Andressen Horowitz
  4. Google Ventures
  5. 5000 Startups
The top five angel investors are as follows
  1. Alexis Ohnian
  2. Max Levchin
  3. Garry Tan
  4. Marc Benioff
  5. Daveid Tisch

Now-ist innovators

morreale Wednesday 23 of July, 2014
MIT professor Joi Ito describes how he collaborated with strangers to build a radiation sensor network after the massive 9.0 earthquake in Japan in his TED talk. The project occur out of a need for the safety of the families of the people involve. He says that it would have been very difficult to plan and build such a network before hand as he did not know of the people that eventually contributed to the project. He advocates spontaneous project and become now-ists.

Inc Best videos of 2013

morreale Sunday 08 of June, 2014
Inc has posted its list of the Best Videos of 2013. The videos include:
  • Richard Branson: In the end, you have to say, Screw it. Just do it.
  • Alexa von Tobel: Trusting Your Gut Makes All the Difference
  • Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman: Make Smarter Decisions
  • Vanessa Nornberg: Building a Killer Salesforce
  • Gary Vaynerchuk: The Hardest Working Man in Social Media
  • Brene Brown: 4 Powerful Things Leaders Should Know About Vulnerability
  • Max Haot: Your Start-Up Name Matters (A Lot)
  • JJ Ramberg: When Negotiating, Keep Something in Your Back Pocket
  • Barbara Corcoran: An Insult Made Me an Entrepreneur
  • Marc Eko: There's No Straight Line to Success


morreale Thursday 08 of May, 2014
PitchTo is a platform for entrepreneurs to pitch to investors and to get feedback on their pitch from the community of investors and peers. Entrepreneurs create a pitch profile and can upload their pitch video, slide deck, and executive summary.