Welcome to the Nano home page

The purpose of this site is to provide
  • A forum for people to collaborate on nanoscience and nanotechnology
  • Links to nano education related material
  • Links to relevant technical journals and papers
  • Review of nano products

I like to build things and will attempt to provide information related to building or interfacing to nanodevices primarily, and have expanded my blogs to cover additional topics:
  • NanoBlog covers all things nano.
  • Electronics covers electronics circuits, components, simulators, devices, prototyping, and evaluation boards.
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation covers entrepreneurship, innovation, creativity, and tools or ideas that help create and build a business.
  • Computer Networks covers computers, networks, peripherals, and tools to support a business and develop nanotechnology systems.
  • Software/Firmware covers firmware and software that can be used to support the operation of nanodevices or system with nanodevices.
  • Interest of the Day covers astronomy, physics, science, aviation, movies, animations, and other miscellaneous topics.
  • The 4-brane Project covers life long learning tools and courses.
  • Models and Analysis covers modeling and analysis of functions and data using Mathematica plus the Raspberry Pi computer running Linux and Mathematica.
  • My YouTube Channel for my graphene FET layout tutorial using LayoutEditor.
In addition to these blogs, there are a number of wiki pages that contain links to useful information. One of my most used is the Sellected Nano RSS Feeds . This wiki shows the RSS feeds of 15 nanotechnology based publications in one glance.

This site offers users the ability to
  • Interact by built collective knowledge via wiki pages
  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Newsletters
  • Discuss through forums
  • Monitor nano events on the nano calendar
  • Monitor changes to the sit via the TikiCalendar and user selectable watchers

This site is a work and progress and as yet has not invoked advertising tool but this may change in time. Lastly, I recommend that you visit the Instructions page to learn how to manage and use this profile