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2q 2016 Venture Capital fundraising data

morreale Thursday 07 of July, 2016
PitchBook posted an informative graphic on the status of the VC industry for the second quarter of 2016. For the quarter 101 funds raised $18.7B with an average fund size of $103.4 M. There were 2803 deals with an average funding of $2.3 M with software companies receiving the most number of investments. The median seed investment was $1M, the median early stage investment was $5.3M, and the median late stage investment was $12M. There were 266 investments with and average exit size of $42.8M.


Cyclotron Road

morreale Monday 05 of October, 2015
Cyclotron Road is a new technology-to-market program for energy entrepreneurs sponsored by Berkeley Labs and the Department of Energy. The goal of the program is to gather the brightest scientist and engineers together and support the development of energy technology. Application for funding is due September 21, 2015, and the selected entrepreneurs receive the following benefits.
  • A personal stipend, travel allowance, and health benefits for up to two years
  • Lab space & technical collaboration support from Berkeley Lab experts and facilities
  • Cyclotron Road programming and mentorship

Hardware startup funding

morreale Monday 14 of September, 2015
Bolt posted a blog on Who invests in hardware startups?. Bolt is a small VC that invests in startups, and their blog describes three VC categories that includes:
  • Small hardware only VCs
  • Hardware friendly micro VCs
  • Hardware friendly traditional VCs
The two small VC firms don't tend to lead rounds so if you pull in a traditional VC, then the smaller VC might then participate. Anyway, the trend for hardware startup is looking good with increasing number of rounds funded and increasing funding year over year.