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I, Jay Morreale, am a consultant providing electronic hardware development, design, R&D, modeling, electronic prototyping, analysis, and networking services for telecommunication, sensor, and undersea applications. To learn more about my services please see the About page, and contact me at consultant@p-brane.com.


I’m fascinated with technology so I’ve been blogging on the latest advances in electronics, nanotechnology, entrepreneurship & innovation, computer networks, software/firmware, online learning, modeling & analysis, and on general science discoveries. I like to build things so some of my blogs describe my efforts, tutorials, or observation in making things.

100 mm Silicon wafers prepared and setup for a furnace run. NanoBlog covers nanotechnology, semiconductors, integrated circuits, semiconductor processes, device physics, 2D materials, and nanophotonics.
Electronics table used to protyptye with Raspberry Pis, Adruino Uno, Arduino 101, Grove kit, Particle Photon, and a Tek TBS 1052B-EDU scope. Electronics covers electronics circuits, components, simulators, devices, prototyping, and evaluation boards.
Patents represent the symbol of innovation for entrepreneurs and inventors. Entrepreneurship & Innovation covers entrepreneurship, innovation, creativity, and tools or ideas that help create and build a business.
High Performance PC based on a ASUS X99 Rampage V Extreme mother board, nVidia GTX 980 GPU, and an Intel Core i7-5390k CPU. Computer Networks covers computers, networks, peripherals, and tools to support a business and develop nanotechnology systems.
A screen capture of part of a program to control a grove display and sensors running on an Arduino Uno. Software/Firmware covers firmware and software that can be used to support the operation of nanodevices or system with nanodevices.
Graphene FET current-voltage curve plot generated by a model written in Mathematica. Models and Analysis covers modeling and analysis of functions and data using Mathematica plus the Raspberry Pi computer running Linux and Mathematica.
 A good text book library symbolized on of the tools used as part of the 4-brane project. The 4-brane project was created to help find and manage taking courses with a specific goal in mind that would help me with my product development and business development. The 4-brane Project covers life long learning tools and courses.
Photo of part of the National Synchrotron Light Source II synchrotron main ring at Brookhaven National Laboratory. Interest of the Day covers astronomy, physics, science, aviation, movies, animations, and other miscellaneous topics.
2019 NCoV CDC 23312 200x201 Virus provides links to resources on viruses in general and the coronavirus in particular.


3D image of the die created in the Graphene FET tutorial on my YouTube channel. YouTube Channel with my graphene FET layout tutorial using LayoutEditor.
The SRD Handbook logo photo was used on this app that provides easy access to the NIST Standard Reference Data. The SRD Handbook is an Android app that provides easy access to the NIST Standard Reference Data and was submitted to the NIST Data Challenge.
ASUS Rampage V Extreme motherboard X99 High Performance PC Build is series of blogs describing a PC built using an ASUS ROG Rampage V Extreme motherboard, Intel i7-5930k hex-core CPU, an ASUS GTX 980 graphics card, 32 GB of DDR4 RAM, a 512 GB SSD, and a 2 TB Hard drive
Raspberry Pi with an EnOcean TCM310U Gateway Controller module. The Forget Me Not Design Challengeis a series of blogs describing how to use wireless energy harvesting sensors to turn our home into an Internet of Things (IoT) Smarthome.
The GreenHouse icon photos was used is used in an app that provide guidance on reducing home carbon footprint. GreenHouse is an Android app developed for the Android Development for Beginners course, and provides guidance on reducing home energy usage to minimize carbon emissions.

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