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100 most creative in business

morreale Friday 08 of July, 2011
FastCompany has produced their 2011 list of the 100 most creative people in business. I enjoyed reading all the interesting things people are working on today. I hope to have time to find out more about Jan Chipchase at Frog Design, Michelle Kine at Shrink Nanotechnology, and Mitch Resnick at MIT Media Labs, for ezample.

System engineering and complexity

morreale Thursday 07 of July, 2011
Did you miss the Transforming Systems Engineering for the Age of Complexity webinar? It can now be viewed on demand. Jeffrey Wilcox
Vice President of Engineering at Lockheed Martin Corporation introduces a lot of very interesting concepts including:
  • Embracing complexity
  • Holistic selection of partners and vendors as part of the system engineering process
  • Model based development instead of document based development
  • Simplicity
  • Unexpected behavior in complex systems (microprocessor clock jitter can cause problems in large systems for example).
  • Company org chart impresses itself on the system design.
These are all fascinating topics. I long for a text book or workshop that covers each topic.

50 somethings rule

morreale Thursday 07 of July, 2011
Entrepreneurs in their 50s are more likely to build successful startups due to their experience, depth of contacts, and better credit history. They tend to build business in biotech, hardware, or IT so they don't get much notice or public attention.


morreale Monday 06 of June, 2011
Learned more about negotiations in this lecture by Professor Diamond on getting more, than I ever expected.