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Engineering profession

morreale Sunday 24 of April, 2011
Xerox technology chief Sophie Vandebroek makes a good case for encouraging young people to purse math, science, and engineering. It's mystery to me why more people don't seem to be interested in these subjects. Many professional organizations and companies have programs to attract kits to these subjects, but some how the results don't seem satisfying. Perhaps it is because people don't see the the founders of companies like Apple, Google, or Facebook as engineers. If they did, may be more people would be attracted to engineering.

Raising money looks to be harder than it used to be

morreale Saturday 23 of April, 2011
In this short video Guy Kawasaki, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist and co-founder of Alltop.com, gives some advice to entrepreneurs that are trying raise VC funds. I'm a bit stunned to hear that you need to have a prototype product and have been shipping product before VC's will consider funding your startup. If you are at that point, then, why do you need a VC?

Innovation verses old industries

morreale Friday 22 of April, 2011
An article in the IEEE Today's Engineer cites a troubling trend against innovative ideas in the courts today. Sony sued a 21 year hobbyist for porting Linux to the PS3. This seems like fair use to me and it's ironic because the Sony Betamax resulted in the fair use Supreme Court decision in 1984.

Innovation framework

morreale Wednesday 20 of April, 2011
A new website that describes a spectrum of innovations every company must master to be successful. The 10 types of Innovation fall in four broad categories including finance, process, offerings, and delivery.