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Slow STEM education in the US

morreale Saturday 13 of July, 2013
100 CEO have expressed concern about the slow progress of STEM education in the US. Without, scientist and engineers we can't invent the future. Entrepreneurship.org has post the report on their website.

The $5 challenge

morreale Wednesday 19 of June, 2013
You only have $5. What is the best way to invest and grow your money? This is the challenge Tina Sellig gave to her students at Stanford. The student can up with some really great ideas. One team won by making $650. They examined every assumption an made a realization that the $5 wasn't import and imposed to many constraints. It's a great story and really makes you think about how you approach your own business.

Crowdfunding flowchart

morreale Wednesday 12 of June, 2013
Inc. has posted a flowchart to guide entrepreneurs on the various ways to crowdfund a business or project. It turns out that there are a lot of choice now and it can be rather complex to determine the best option as there are now 22 crowdfunding sites.


Mary Meeker on the internet at D11

morreale Thursday 30 of May, 2013
Mary Meeker from KPCB gives an overview of the current state of the internet and describes the emerging trends during her talk at the D11 conference. She uses a 117 slide deck for her talk. Wow and very interesting.

Corporate espionage

morreale Wednesday 15 of May, 2013
The Business Insider posted a report that alleges that the Chinese army has a global cyber hacking program to steal corporate information for the economic benefit of the Chinese economy.

Patents and innovation

morreale Wednesday 15 of May, 2013
The World Economic Forum did a study on patents and innovation. It found that invalidation of a patent from a large company resulted in a large increase in innovations by smaller company in the electrical and electronics industry. The drug and chemical industries did not see much of an increase in innovation from similar patent invalidations. The study concluded that licensing failures in electrical and electronic industry result in blocking innovation.