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The Art of Mathematics

morreale Wednesday 12 of August, 2015
The Discovering the Art of Mathematics website provides resources for teaching inquiry based learning methods. Inquiry based learning engages students to take charge of problem solving activities and explore solutions to problems. The site has courses, workshops, video to support teaching, and 11 books covering a broad number of subjects that include:
  • Art & Sculpture
  • Calculus
  • Dance
  • Games & Puzzles
  • Geometry
  • Knot Theory
  • Music
  • Number Theory
  • Patterns
  • The Infinite
  • Truth, Reasoning, Certainty, & Proof
These books are all free to download. The materials were produced at the Westfield State University and with funding from the NSF.

Solar System

morreale Tuesday 21 of July, 2015
The Wall Street Journal has a very nice field guide of the solar system called Frome Pluto to Sun. It makes me wonder why the number of moons orbiting planets tend to increase as the planets orbit farther from the sun.


Mars Trek

morreale Thursday 16 of July, 2015
Mars Trek is a cool interactive map of Mars that lets you explore the planet and follow the paths of the various rovers.

Kasei Valles

The Standard Model

morreale Thursday 25 of June, 2015
This short video written and edited by Brianna Ryan provides a nice summary of the standard model.

NASA image library

morreale Friday 19 of June, 2015
NASA has made its image library collection easier to search and use. There are 70 image collections available that include:
  • Hubble
  • The shuttle
  • Human spaceflight
  • Robotics
  • Planets
  • JPL
  • Aircraft
This is just a few. I found one of my favorite photos in just a few minutes (see below). To copy the image location link, I had to select the printer friendly option and then right click on the image.


Feynman Hughes lectures

System Administrator Friday 12 of June, 2015
Richard Feynman gave lectures at Hughes Laboratories between 1966 and 1971. The lectures are now available and cover the following topics
  • Volume 1 Astronomy, Astrophysics, and Cosmology
  • Volumes 2 Relativity, Electrostatics, Electrodynamics, Matter-Wave Interaction
  • Volume 3 More on Matter-Wave Interaction, Intro to Quantum Mechanics, Scattering Theory, Quantum Theory of Angular Momentum, Intro to Lie Group, SU 2 & 3 “stuff”, Quantum Electrodynamics (QED), Pair Production
  • Volume 4 Molecular Biology
  • Volume 5 Mathematical Methods/Techniques in Physics and Engineering
The volumes are based on the notes that John T. Neer took during the lectures and are pretty amazing.


DARPA Robot Challenge

morreale Wednesday 03 of June, 2015
The DARPA Robot Challenge finals will be streamed live on June 5 & 6. Twenty five teams compete for a $2M prize. Each challenger must complete task on a simulated disaster course like search and rescue. The challenge is partly in response to the Fukushima accident that occurred in 2011.