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The universe is so inflated

morreale Wednesday 19 of March, 2014
Researchers are reporting that gravitational waves produced during the rapid inflation of the early universe were detected by the effect they had on the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) radiation polarization. Phil Platt wrote a good article at slate called Astronomers Find the Twisted Fingerprints of Inflation in the Background Glow of the Universe, and Sky and Telescope has the article First Direct Evidence of Big Bang Inflation.



morreale Friday 07 of March, 2014
The creators of MinutePhysics and MinuteEarth have expanded with a new website MinuteLabs. MinuteLabs contains videos, images, games, and interactive simulations to teach science in new ways.

Climate CoLab

morreale Wednesday 05 of March, 2014
MIT is sponsoring the Climate Colab to facilitate large groups of people in addressing global climate change. The center has developed a crowdsourcing platform where citizens work with experts to create, analyze, and select detailed proposals for what to do about climate change.


The inner solar system

morreale Saturday 01 of March, 2014
Bill Dunford at the Planetary Society has posted the blog: A Spin Through the Inner Solar System that shows neat videos of the Sun, Mercury, Venus, the moon, Mars, and Dawn. The detail of the images are incredible. It seems that we have the better view of the moon as well, but seeing the "dark side of the moon" is still fascinating.


Halophyte biofuel

morreale Monday 27 of January, 2014
A Boeing lead consortium discovered a plant called a halophyte that grows in sea water and can be used to make a high grade biofuel. In 4-5 years if all goes well, we could completely sustainable jet fuel. The halophytes would could be grown in deserts integrated with fish farms and mangrove for an environmentally friendly system.