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morreale Monday 07 of October, 2013
YouCubed is a new website designed to help teachers and parents teach kids math. The site started as a result of the overwhelming response to Jo Boaler's OpenEdX course How to Learn Math.


morreale Monday 07 of October, 2013
A puppeteer and a carpenters have developed a RoboHand that has help a 170 kids with birth defects. The RoboHand can be printed on a 3-D printer for less than $150. The RoboHand can be easily reprinted in a larger size as the child grows. The plans are available on Thingiverse.


Periodic table of magnetism

morreale Saturday 28 of September, 2013
Minute Physics has posted a neat Periodic table of magnetism. By adjusting a temperature slide the element property showing the type of magnetism changes. If you click on an element then a Periodic Table of Videos plays.

How many dimensions are there?

morreale Monday 23 of September, 2013
Head Squeeze posted a short witty video answering the question How many dimensions are there? They talk about string theory, super string theory, M-Theory, and the Randall-Sundrum model. There could be 4, 5, 10, 11, or 26 dimensions depending on which model turns out to be correct.

3-D CAD Tools and 3-D Metal printers

morreale Thursday 05 of September, 2013
SpaceX shows a 3-D CAD tool interface that makes building in 3-D much easier and more efficient. Once a component has been designed, then the part can be fabricated with a 3-D metal printer. The printer deposites metal particles of Ti or Inconel and a laser then fuses them together. The part is build layer by layer.

Scientific Instruments

morreale Tuesday 27 of August, 2013
Gizmodo has posted a list of the 14 Immense Scientific Instruments You Won't Believe Are Real but are very cool. They include the:
  • Daya Bay neutrino detector
  • Super-Kamiokande, a large Cherenkov detector
  • ATLAS (A Toroidal LHC Apparatus) particle detector
  • Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) experiment
  • Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO)
  • Borexino Experiment (measures solar neutrino flux)
  • Cockcroft Walton generator
  • Z Pulsed Power Facility (largest x-ray generator)
  • Gammasphere, a gamma ray detector
  • Joint European Torus (JET) vessel, the largest tokamak in the world
  • National Ignition Facility (NIF)
  • NASA's cryogenic testing chamber
  • Large Diameter Centrifuge (LDC)
  • Large Space Simulator


Daya Bay neutrino detector