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The Diamond Light source

morreale Thursday 15 of August, 2013
This short film provides a neat inside look at the Diamond light source synchrotron. It's a bit high level but shows a lot of the synchrotron. The insertion device is the bit that produces the x-rays. I wish that would make a film about how the insertion device works and how it was built in way more detail. Is the insertion devices a wiggler or undulator? Anyway, for more information check out their media page and Youtube channel.


Solar exploration

morreale Tuesday 13 of August, 2013
Armchair Astronomers have posted a infographic showing the history of solar exploration since 1959 by planet. It also shows details on the mission, spacecraft, and countries involved in the collaboration.

100,000 stars

morreale Tuesday 13 of August, 2013
100,000 stars is an interactive visualization of the stellar neighborhood created from a variety of source. The visualization for created by Google programmers for the Chrome browser.

Departing the Earth.

morreale Monday 05 of August, 2013
The MESSENGER spacecraft sent pack images of it's departure form Earth on its way to Mercury. The Earth is still such a nice place it's hard to imagine anyone wanting to leave for long.


morreale Thursday 18 of July, 2013
Two non-technical women became computer programmers after only 1.5 years at Stanford. They want to help other girls and women become programmers now. Find out more at she++. The documentary will be released on 7/22.

Superheroes on G+ hangout

morreale Thursday 18 of July, 2013
Learn about superheroes with special guests on a Whitehouse G+ hangout tomorrow 7/19 at noon. Guests include
  • James Kakalios, Professor in the School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Minnesota, and author of The Physics of Superheroes
  • Nathan Landy, graduate student at Duke University; working on an invisibility cloak
  • Zhenan Bao, Professor of Chemical Engineering, Stanford University; focusing research on self-healing and touch-sensitive synthetic skin
  • Norman Wagner, Alvin B. and Julia O. Stiles Professor of Chemical Engineering, University of Delaware; research on liquid armor
  • Nate Ball, co-founder of Atlas Devices and inventor of Batman-like Ascender; host of PBS's Design Squad Nation