Nanophotonics and the Lorentz Oscillator Model

System Administrator Thursday 08 of April, 2010
The behavior of an nanophotonic material can be analyzed using the simple Lorentz oscillator model of an electron bound to the nucleus of an atom by a spring1 . The spring is defined by its spring constant (C) which describes the restorative force associated with the spring (Hooks Law) and the damping factor the spring exhibits. In the figure below, the electron is a radius r from the nucleus and a dipole moment exists between the electron and nucleus that is equal to the charge of the electron times the radius. The electric field of the photon excites the system causing it to oscillate. F=ma is used to describe the system. The properties of the material will determine the susceptibility of the system to the e-field and determine the spring and damping constants.

Lorentz Osc Model

1 Figure and description adapted from the course ECE 695s Nanophotonics taught by Vladimir M. Shalaev.