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Group Auto Blog Notification Deacticated

System Administrator Wednesday 28 of July, 2010
The group auto notification of blog changes is to be deactivated due to user requests. You can reactivate blog change notices individually by activating watches for blogs of interest. Look for the eye ball icon on the blog page and click it to select a blog to watch. You can control and add (or delete) more watches by going to 'My Watches' under the MyTiki menu on the left side of the web page.

Everything Graphene

System Administrator Wednesday 28 of July, 2010
Graphene Times reports on all things graphene. It's run by Mike Sprinkle out of the Georgia Institute of technology. It's a nicely done site. Check it out at your peril. I got sucked and still can't look away.

ASME Nano Podcasts

System Administrator Thursday 15 of July, 2010
The ASME has produced some podcasts on nanotechnology. I've only seen 2 minutes of the introduction but it looks to have high production values and interviews with researchers from MIT, Rice, and Harvard to name just a few.

FastCompany top 100 Most Creative People in Business 2010

morreale Tuesday 22 of June, 2010
Several interesting companies were featured in FastCompany's article on the 100 Most Creative People in Business 2010. These companies include:
    • Correleated Magnetic designs and builds programmable magnets.
    • Organovo is involved in tissue engineering and has developed a tissue printer to construct organs for regenerative medicine.
    • Geomagic developed software to create 3D models of physical objects.
    • Sapphire Energy makes crude oil from algae that can be refined into gasoline.

Carbon nanotubes not doing it, try graphene

System Administrator Sunday 23 of May, 2010
Graphene was discovered by Andre Geim. This new material has the following properties:
  • Monolayer of a single carbon atoms forming a 2D structure (think chick wire in shape) but this is the thinnest material imaginable.
  • Strongest material ever measured
  • Stiffest material
  • Stretchiest crystal material
  • Highest thermal conductivity
  • Highest intrinsic mobility
  • Ballistic electrical conductivity
  • Longest mean free path at room temperature
  • Most impermeable (ever to hydrogen)