Firmware or software that can be used to support the operation of nanodevices or system with nanodevices. My include assembly language, C, or similar languages, and operating systems.

Analyzing big data

morreale Monday 12 of August, 2013
Mathematica now has hadooplink which is a package that lets you write MapReduce programs in Mathematica and run them on your Hadoop cluster.


morreale Friday 21 of June, 2013
NASA JPL has posted a number of cool apps for Android and iPhone. The three app I played with include Be a Martian, Earth Now, and Space Images.


Monthly studies

morreale Sunday 07 of April, 2013
Google Ventures posted a video by UX Researh partner Michael Margolis describing how to run monthly studies. Michael describes how to identify if user understand how to use a website feature and how to make it more efficient. He also describes how to design surveys that capture relevant information from users.
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