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Fun with physics

morreale Monday 12 of December, 2011
Alogoryx Simulation has created a new software package to help teach students physics in a fun and interactive way. The products are called Algodoo physics and Algodoo for Education. From the videos, it looks like a cool, fun, and real time physics simulation tool.


Top popular science books

morreale Wednesday 30 of November, 2011
New Scientist has posted a list and brief summary of popular science books suitable for gift giving this holiday season. I really enjoyed Brian Greene's The Hidden Reality and I am present pleased with reading Lisa Randall's Knocking on Heaven's Door (28% into it; it's a Kindle thing).

String theory book review

morreale Monday 21 of November, 2011
The Browser web site interviews physics professor Steven Gubser from Princeton University. In the interview, Steven recommends 5 books on String Theory.

Art of Science

morreale Thursday 17 of November, 2011
Princeton University has posed the 2011 winners of the Art of Science contest. This years first place winner is Chaos and geomagnetic reversals by Christophe Gissinger (postdoc) from the Dept. of Astrophysical Sciences/ Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory.


Lisa Randall on BookTV

morreale Sunday 09 of October, 2011
Lisa Randall discusses her new book Knocking on Heaven's Door on C-SPANS BookTV. She talks about science, how scientist think, scale, and more about extra dimensions. I very much enjoyed her book Warped Passages and am looking forward to learning more about extra dimensions and warped spacetime. Also, she even worked with a composer on an the opera Hypermusic Prologue, A Projective Opera In Seven Planes about extra dimensions.