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Quantum man

morreale Thursday 02 of June, 2011
IOP has posted a short summary of the book Quantum Man: Richard Feynman's Life in Science by Lawrence Krauss. I've been a long time fan of Dr. Feynman and have read most of the popular books about him, and use his physics lectures as a reference. What interests me about this book is that it describes his scientific theories and his work instead of his personal history. It's on my reading list.


Jet engines and volcanic ash

morreale Sunday 22 of May, 2011
The Periodic Table of Videos has an interview with an aeronautical engineer on how a jet engine works, and what happens to it when volcanic ash passes through it. The result is not good. It's very bad as a matter of fact. Volcanic ash contains glass like particles and the combustion temperature in the jet engine can reach over a 1000 °C. The ash melts an coats the turbines with liquid glass. The engines tend to stop after a while.

UFO galaxy

morreale Monday 16 of May, 2011
The Hubble Space Telescope has captured the UFO galaxy in the Vergo Cluster which is 85 million miles from earth.


5 Gigapixel view

morreale Thursday 05 of May, 2011
An amateur photographer created a 5 Gigapixel image of the Milky Way Galaxy using 6 cameras and 37,000 images taken across North and South America.


Periodic Table shower curtain

morreale Thursday 28 of April, 2011
I just discovered that you can buy a shower curtain embossed with the Period Table. This is the coolest thing ever (well mostly). It is available at Amazon.com and ThinkGeek.com.