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When black holes collide

morreale Tuesday 05 of July, 2011
Kip Thorne describes what happens when two black holes collide in this short video. Simulations are used to understand the gravity wave signatures of different configuration of black hole collisions. The signatures are to be used to interpret the output from the gravitational wave detectors like LIGO.


Radioactive Orchestra

morreale Wednesday 29 of June, 2011
Swedish researchers working on nuclear safety collaborated with with artist to create an interactive radioactive orchestra tool. You can select 5 elements and listen to them decay as part of an atomic quintet. There is a nicely done documentary on the project too.

John Cahn receives Kyoto prize

morreale Sunday 26 of June, 2011
NIST scientist John Cahn received this years Kyoto prize for his work on the theories and models for how binary alloys mix and form phases. His Cahn Hilliard equation, which describes the concentration of a material and how it phase separates has become quite famous.


Electron charge distribution is way spherical

morreale Monday 13 of June, 2011
Ed Copeland explains the experimental results regarding the news that the electron is a sphere in this video form Periodic Videos and Sixty Symbols. The report should have said that the charge on the electron is extremely spherical. What this means is that the electron does not seem to have a electrical dipole. Some parts of the standard model indicate that the electron should have a small electric dipole. This is important because it would explain why we have such a major asymmetry in between matter and anti-matter in our universe.


Elements 114 and 116

morreale Friday 03 of June, 2011
Can you say Ununquadium and Ununpentium. It's time to update your periodic table. An international commission has accepted research data for the actual existence of elements 114 and 116 as explained in the periodic table of videos video.