Art of Electronics 3rd Edition

morreale Friday 19 of June, 2015
The Art of Electronics 2nd Edition and the Students Manual for the Art of Electronics are both really wonderful references for building practical electronic circuits. Now, Horowitz and Hill have rewritten The Art of Electronics in a 3rd edition. The contents include:
  • ONE: Foundations
  • TWO: Bipolar Transistors
  • THREE: Field-Effect Transistors
  • FOUR: Operational Amplifiers
  • FIVE: Precision Circuits
  • SIX: Filters
  • SEVEN: Oscillators and Timers
  • EIGHT: Low-Noise Techniques
  • NINE: Voltage Regulation and Power Conversion
  • TEN: Digital Logic
  • ELEVEN: Programmable Logic Devices
  • TWELVE: Logic Interfacing
  • THIRTEEN: Digital meets Analog
  • FOURTEEN: Computers, Controllers, and Data Links
  • FIFTEEN: Microcontrollers
  • 16 appendixes
Much of the content is new. A second volume with more advanced material is planned. The students manual has been revised to be more useful for practicing engineers and this version is titled: Learning the Art of Electronics — A Hands-on Approach, and is due out late this year.

element14 has an nice interview with the authors at element14 interviews "The Art of Electronics" authors Paul Horowitz and Winfield Hill. Also, Adafruit has a Youtube interview with Paul Horwitz.