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X99 HPC installation 20: ASUS AI Suite

morreale Thursday 17 of September, 2015
Figure 1 shows the video of the ASUS AI Suite running the 5-way optimization tool which configures the following:
  • Turbo Processing Unit (TPU): Sets CPU frequency, cache, core frequencies, DRAM frequency, and related voltages for performance and stability.
  • FAN Xpert 3: configures the fans using PWM or DC operation to create the best cooling profile.
  • DIGI+ Power Control: Configures the processor digital Voltage Regulator Module (VRM) and DRAM power supplies for performance and stability.
  • Turbo App: Configures a Turbo App List that assigns network priority, audio settings, and CPU frequencies for specific apps.
  • Energy Processing Unit (EPU): Provides system wide energy management and optimization to reduce fan noise, lower power dissipation, and extend component life time.

Figure 1 ASUS AI Suite 5-Way Optimization Video

Figure 2 shows the ASUS AI Suite after the 5-way optimization completes. Notice that the Digi+ active frequency and Turbo App settings have not been turned on yet. This status shown was taken during a LINPACK benchmarking test.

Figure 1 5-Way Optimization Status