Getting started with AWS IoT webinar

morreale Tuesday 09 of February, 2016
In case you missed it, the Getting started wit AWS IoT webinar is now available as an archive on YouTube as are the sildes. The webinar provide an overview of how to setup up and connect a device to the AWS cloud services. The webinar also demonstrate how to connect a pool pump to the cloud and have the cloud send SNS messages to a phone with the status of the pump.

It was pretty neat. The AWS IoT system uses certificates for authentication and authorization, and creates a shadow of the device in the cloud. All applications interact with the device shadow. When the device is in communications with the cloud via the MQTT had HTTP protocols using encrypted links with TLS 1.2, then it's state is synchronized with the shadow. There are SDK for devices running RTOS, and embedded Linux. The embedded Linux SDK is based on Node JS and supports Raspberry Pi, Adruino Yun, BeagleBone Green, Qualcomm Snapdragon DragonBoard, and other single board computer kits and devices.