Analog IC Design in Nanoscale CMOS Short Course

morreale Friday 09 of July, 2021

The Analog IC Design in Nanoscale CMOS short course is scheduled for September 7 to October 1, 2021 virtually from the University of Limerick. The short course consists of eight 1.5 hour lectures followed by a half hour question and answer session. The course is taught by Professor Tony Chan Carusone.

Course Program

  • Lecture 1 - CMOS Device Scaling & Modeling 7th Sept. 2021 Device scaling, short-channel length effects, analog design on bulk CMOS technologies below 30nm.
  • Lecture 2 - Advanced CMOS Technologies: SOI & FinFET 10th Sept. 2021 Impact on transistor model parameters, analog FOM & layout strategies. Reliability effects.
  • Lecture 3 - Amplifier Design in Nanoscale CMOS 14th Sept. 2021 Design of current mirrors & amplifier circuits. Suitable OTA topologies for low supply-voltage.
  • Lecture 4 - References, Regulators & Power Integrity 17th Sept. 2021 Diff. reference circuits & voltage regulation. Power distribution in ICs. Power integrity analysis.
  • Lecture 5 - Nanoscale CMOS Clocking 21st Sept. 2021 Jitter sources, amplification & power-supply-induced jitter. CMOS buffering & clock distribution.
  • Lecture 6 - Dynamic Comparators & Amplifiers 24th Sept. 2021 Applications of dynamic amplifiers (as integrators) in high-speed receivers. Dynamic comparators.
  • Lecture 7 - ADC-Based Receivers in Nanoscale CMOS 28th Sept. 2021 High-speed ADCs: folding-flash, binary search & CT pipelined. Combatting mismatch & applications.
  • Lecture 8 - Real-Life Cautionary Tales 1st Oct. 2021 Common design & layout errors, integrating large designs, power & clock routing, non-working chips.


The following references provides some background for the course.

  • Textbook chapter 1 for lectures 1 and 2
  • Textbook chapter 7.4 for lecture 4
  • IEEE articles shown below

Text Book

Analog Integrated Circuit Design

Journal publications

Conference publications: