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The power of storytelling

morreale Tuesday 13 of August, 2013
Stanford professor Jennifer Asker host The Power of Storytelling: Making Brands Come to Life webinar that is available on YouTube. The webinar describes the power of storytelling in business and life. A story:
  • Has a beginning, middle, and end
  • Has a goal, protagonist, hook, and action the listener should take
  • Can be short (4 words)
  • Is about the entrepreneur, product, business, and customer
  • Creates an emotional relationship so that your customer becomes an advocate
  • Transforms the listener because the protagonist is transformed
  • About your company empowers teams to make rapid decision
  • About your customer transforms your customer into your evangelist
  • About what, how, and most importantly why in a consistent way is very powerful
  • That lets the listener come to the conclusion creates an emotional connection
To develop your story, write a six word story for each stage of your life and look for themes.