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Photography in the digital age

morreale Tuesday 27 of August, 2013
Photographer Richard Kelly did a webinar with Photoshelter on How to Balance Protecting and Selling Your Photos in the Digital Age. Some of the high points of the informative webinar include:
  • Formally define goals and objectives of your photography business.
    • This helps define what projects you do and what clients you work with.
  • Form an advisory board
  • Join a professional society
  • Develop a relationship so that customers become repeat clients
  • Define your expectations for the use of your photographs somewhere on your website
  • Not all infringements require going to court
  • Many times it's easier to get paid rather than make a point in court
  • Watermarks can be used as marketing tool to drive customers back to your website especially with social media sites.
Some useful links discussed during the webinar