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Nanotechnology food database

morreale Thursday 15 of October, 2015
The Center for Food Safety has created an interactive database on Nanotechnology in Our Food. The three most used nanomaterials in foods include:
  • Silver
  • Titanium Dioxide
  • Nanoencapsulation
The database shows the product, manufacturer, claimed use, and country of origin for the nanomaterial. The USA appears to be the largest supply of most nanomaterials used in food products today.

Neural circuits

morreale Friday 31 of July, 2015
Researcher Duygu Kuzum gives this short talk at Google Solve for X about building circuit to mimic the human brain. Graphene is used as a probe or interface to the brain. It electrically conductive and transparent so the neurons that it connects to can be imaged.

Graphene interface technology Litt Lab at the University of Pennsylvania

Research at the Diamond Light Source

morreale Thursday 30 of July, 2015
The short film Diamond Light Source: Science in its Purest Form reports on the research by three scientists working at the facility. One scientist is using the synchrotron to study martian meteors in details so that they can correlate the rock material composition to data measured by satellites in orbit around Mars. A second research is studying catalysts to understand how they promote chemical reactions. A third scientist is studying protein crystals to better understand how they work in the body and to make better drugs.