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Low voltage analog circuits

morreale Tuesday 12 of January, 2016
Peter Kinget gave a wonderful IEEE SSCS webinar on Ultra Low Voltage Analog and RF Design for nano-scale CMOS technologies yesterday. Scaling analog CMOS circuit supply voltages have been falling steadily following Moores law. Smaller transistors that have been fabricated in vast numbers has been an asset to digital circuit design. Lower supply voltages reduces power dissipation and leakage currents. The supply voltage is approaching 0.5 VDC, but it is becoming difficult to operate analog circuit on the same chip with such low voltage. Reducing the supply voltages by a factor q reduces the maximum peak-to-peak analog voltage that can be generated and this reduces the Signal to Noise Ration (SNR) by a factor of q2, for example.

Photo: Self-duty cycled, self-synchronized UWB Receiver SoC (65nm CMOS)
ISSCC13 Kinget Group

Nanotechnology food database

morreale Thursday 15 of October, 2015
The Center for Food Safety has created an interactive database on Nanotechnology in Our Food. The three most used nanomaterials in foods include:
  • Silver
  • Titanium Dioxide
  • Nanoencapsulation
The database shows the product, manufacturer, claimed use, and country of origin for the nanomaterial. The USA appears to be the largest supply of most nanomaterials used in food products today.