Open Hardware Summit 2021

morreale Sunday 11 of April, 2021

The Open Hardware Summit 2021 was held as a virtual meeting again this year on April 9, 2021. The event platform, Hopin, was used instead of Discord and YouTube live. It worked well for the event stage and provided venues for vendors in a virtual expo setting. It was a little harder to follow chats for each talk without opening multiple windows.

The Open Hardware community appears to be doing well even in the pandemic with the number of talks, the enthusiasm of the participants, and number of sponsors. The recording can be seen on YouTube. There were ~17 talks on the schedule and my list of links and brief talk summary for each talk follows.

COVID 3D TRUST: a public-private collaboration to support manufacture of open source PPE and medical devices during the COVID-19 public health emergency

Meghan McCarthy

reGOSH: appropriating technology in Latin America with open science hardware

Julieta Arancio

Open Hardware Makers mentorship program: making open hardware the default everywhere, one project at a time!

Andre Maia Chagas

  • This is a open hardware mentorship program sharing best practices based on the Mozilla Open Leaders development program. The program runs 15 weeks and matches the project to a mentor with weekly calls and assessments.
  • Open Hardware Spaces
  • OSHW Weather Report
  • OHM Slides

Mobilizing People to Act on Air Pollution with the Bucket Air Monitor - a Community Science Tool

Rico Euripidou, Katie Gradowski

Hardware innovation, an opensource way in Nigeria

Oluwatobi Oyinlola

  • Open source ventilator
  • DIY Solar Panel
  • PPE Compliance
  • SolarPocha

Open Hardware Needs Open Standards

Chris Chronopoulos

Interface Design in Open Source Hardware and Software

Scott Shawcroft

  • Scott recommends that open hardware developers start with the code or description of the board and interface first before designing the board specifications and requirements.
  • @tannewt
  • Circuit Python
  • Feather Wing GitHub repository

Twirling Tech Goddess Q&A

LeeLee James

  • Alicia interviewed LeeLee about creating an inclusive and diverse tech channel for under represented people on YouTube.
  • Twirling Tech Goddess

How Open Hardware Supported the COVID19 Response and Lessons for Public Policy

Alison Parker, Alex Long

Transitioning an Open Hardware Project to Distributed Medical Device Production

Julian Stirling


Fred Benenson

  • Bread making goes back to Egypt 4500 year ago.
  • Sourdough contains both a yeast and a bacteria. Yeast leavens the bread and the bacteria give the bread the favor. The two live in a symbiotic relationship.
  • Fred built a starter monitor to alert baker when the starter is ripe that contains a Time of Flight sensor that fits on a wide mouth mason jar.
  • Breadwinner community
  • breadwinner-life / community-hardware

What's the Buzz About?: The Rise of Open, Personal Sex Tech

Laura Lytle, Alice Stewart

  • nogasm
  • Lovense
  • Vibio toys
  • Lora DiCarlo
  • Hacking tech and pleasure
  • butplugs open source hardware
  • Kinky Makers Community
  • Open source sex training
  • Deep throat trainer
  • Silicone Molding for Product Design

Robot unicorns, moon cello gloves and open technology

Helen Leigh

  • The Glove Kit was produced in two batched with 3000 kits in a first production run and ~5000 kits in a second run and used to teach kids electronics and making. It also led to working with a musician who used the Glove in an unexpected way control the music as part of her musical performance.
  • Self taught electronics developer now at Crowd Supply working creators on their product development.
  • @helenleigh
  • @crowd_supply
  • emby-emby
  • Open UK
  • The Fomu: An FPGA That Fits in Your USB Port
  • Pimoroni MINI.MU Glove Kit - without micro:bit

Open hardware chip design panel

Megan Wachs, Drew Fustini, Mohamed Kassem, bunnie, ​ Jason Kridner

A Hyena Ate My Project! - Open Source Hardware in Wildlife Conservation Technology

Akiba Jacinta Plucinski

  • International environmental monitoring
  • Prevent sewage dumping into Nile river
  • Camera traps to monitor and observe wild life behavior
  • Elephant monitor
  • Wild Labs

OpenAir Cyan: Accelerating Carbon Dioxide Removal through Open Hardware

Dahl Winters

  • Cyan is a Direct Air Carbon Capture (DACC) prototype designed to remove carbon from the air using hydrated Lime, water, a fan, and an aquarium pump. Cyan converts CO2 to Calcium Carbonate, can be built in about an hour, and costs about $100 for the parts. The objective of the project is to improve the design so that it removes 1 kg of CO2 per day.
  • openair-collective / openair-cyan
  • OpenAir Collective

Conservation AI: The World's Most Advanced Wildlife Tracker Is Now 100% Open Source

Adam Benzion

  • Raise $150,000 to build a tracker for sponsors
  • Irnas.eu designed and made 10 Elephant trackers collars in 4Q 2020
  • ElephantEdge board
  • OpenCollar
  • Smart Parks