Modeling and Analytics

I took the plunge and purchased a Mathematica 9 standard commercial license and am looking for Mathematica projects to support. I’m a consultant specializing in building electronic proof-of-concept prototypes. I find it useful to model elements of a design before building prototypes to identify important issues and design ranges. I’ve been using Mathematica informally since about 2010 (version 7), and then more formally last year with my starter commercial license.

I can support projects with:

  • Knowledge of Mathematica language and functional programming
  • Solving equations
  • Typesetting equations and making graphic 2D and 3D plots
  • Generating tables, graphs, plots of data and functions
  • Creating functional models
  • Analyzing data and make projections
  • Creating interactive functions suitable for embedding in websites
  • Setting up and administrating WordPress sites with interactive Mathematica CDFs
  • Creating standalone Mathematica CDFs
  • Collecting data from a variety of sources for unified analysis
  • Making projections on data
  • Working with Linux
  • Assembling PCs with multiple processors and GPUs for parallel processing application

In this blog, I post on subjects that have generally interested me (mostly science related), and more recently on topics that support product and business development. I look  forward to working with you to see how I might support your technical, business, and customer objectives.

Jay Morreale
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