Raspberry Pi Sketchup 3D models

I’m trying to make a case for my Raspberry Pi (RPi) with an Adafruit PiTFT 2.8 inch display and was modeling it in Sketchup 8.  I made a simple model of the PiTFT display and then started looking for some 3D Sketchup8 models of the RPi Model B with 512MB of memory from the Sketchup 3D Warehouse to save some time. Connectors between the RPi and the PiTFT display did not fit quite right. A few measurements showed that some of the parts and boards were the wrong size.  My list of models investigated so far is shown below.

  • Raspberry Pi – Model B Rev2 by Gandy file Raspberry-Pi—Model-B-Rev.skp: The GPIO pins are spaced incorrectly at 2.4 mm and should be spaced at 2.54 mm. The board length is 86 mm and should be 85 mm.

  • Raspberry Pi Rev 1 by Billmar file RaspberryPi_FN120401823.skp: The board size and GPIO pin spacing seems to be good. For the few things I measured, this is the most accurate model so far. As this is model is for Rev 1 of the board, it does not have the mounting holes I’m looking for.

  • raspberry pi 3d model B 512 by Clavis file RaspberryPi.skp: The board size measures 81.9 mm but should be 85 mm. The GPIO pin spacing is 2.4 mm and should be 2.54 mm.



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