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NOOBS v1.3.4 we have a problem

The NOOBS SC Card contained v1.3.0 so I decided to upgrade to v1.3.4 before booting my Raspberry Pi. I downloaded NOOBS_v1_3_4.zip from the Raspberrypi.org website. I also downloaded the recommended SD Card FAT formating tool as well. The NOOBS_v1_3_4.zip file was unzipped and copied onto the 8 GB SD Card after to older version was saved. The copy failed with the following error: file copy error the “parameter is incorrect”. The os\RaspBMC\root.tar.xz seems to be the problem file.

The SC card was reformatted using the full and the quick options but this did not solve the problem. Several site recommended testing the memory using H2testw 1.4. The test took about 40 minutes to write the card and verify it but no errors were found.

H2testw SD Card memory test results

H2testw SD Card memory test results

I wrote the following Mathematica code to check the download and file but nothing jumps out as a problem.

I’ll run the Raspbian and probably the Adafruit version of the wheezy build so hopefully this will not be an issue going further.


After all this testing and checking, all the files copied over without an error. I still don’t understand what the problem was.