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Failures in Aerospace Applications

morreale Sunday 08 of June, 2014
Paolo Scalisi has a five part series of articles on the Failures in Aerospace Applications on the Analog Planet website. The articles cover
  • SEL (single event latchup)
  • SEU (single event upset)
  • SET (single event transient)
  • SEB (single event burnout)
  • SEFI (single event functional interrupt)
  • SEGR (single event gate rupture)

Graphene FET Layout Editor Tutorial

morreale Saturday 31 of May, 2014
I've posted eight videos on Youtube detailing how to layout graphene FETs on a purchased graphene wafer using Layout Editor. The tutorial videos include an
  • Introduction of what is to be build and describes the design rules
  • How to setup and configure Layout Editor
  • Die plan
  • Make a Graphene FET
  • Make a Hall Bar
  • Make a van der Pauw structure
  • Make a Contact Resistance measurement structure
  • How to layout a Die

The videos have been submitted to the the Photomask Portal Layout Editor tutorial contest. My introduction slides are available now too.

Update 6/8/14: Photomask Portal announced that my videos won the contest!

4th International Symposium on Graphene Devices

morreale Wednesday 14 of May, 2014
The MRS 4th International Symposium on Graphene Devices (ISGD-4) will be held Sept 21-25, 2014 at the Bellevue Hilton in Bellevue, WA neat Seattle. Topics include:
  • Graphene electronics, spintronics, sensors, terahertz devices, photonics & laser applications
  • Graphene functionalization
  • Graphene growth: epitaxial, CVD, mechanical and chemical exfoliation, and substrate transfer
  • Graphene nanochemistry
  • Electronic, structural, optical, mechanical and transport properties of graphene
  • Graphene and related devices theoretical investigation and modeling
  • Graphene integration with related 2D materials